Open Letter To Tumblr


While I appreciate the importance of respecting other cultures, the safety of our youth, and the desire of those who do not wish to see nsfw and adult content on their dashboards I feel that you have made an error in the way you’ve chosen to handle this situation.

As it stands anyone flagged for a nsfw blog will only be show for followers. I am assuming they only show in blogs allowing to be indexed by search engines and ‘native tumblr searches’ whatever that means. You can Reblog, Like, Follow, and Reply to these blogs (assuming you can find them).

In all other instances a NSFW tagged blog is INVISIBLE. You cannot see what content they post in a tag search. You cannot find them simply by browsing. Nothing.

You have in essence erased portions of your community for the sake of some of the community on a web site designed to build communities.

I see a problem with this.

I question why the decision wasn’t made to allow a user to choose not only if their blog ought to be flagged as NSFW or Adult but if NSFW and Adult flagged blogs should ever show up on their dashboard.
You removed that choice and I find that very distasteful and disrespectful of your users. If it is a choice than those who have chosen to allow that content to be viewed on their dashboards should not complain or be offended when that content appears. It allows for a better control of their Tumblr experience.

If they don’t want to see it, simply allow them to check or uncheck ‘allow nsfw blogs’ or ‘allow adult blogs’. People also try hard to tag their posts with nsfw or other such tags to allow people to know what they are posting.

Many users use the extension Tumblr Savior - a filtering extension that allows users to show or hide content to improve their usage of Tumblr. I am sure you are aware of this extension.

I use it. So when I brows my dashboard it looks like this…

image Anything that is hidden in those little spots saying “X made a post containing ‘tag’” I can CLICK it to show the original post, otherwise it stays hidden. It allows for a better dashboard experience because things like NSFW or triggering content or news articles (or things I don’t like in general that isn’t offensive just not something I care for) to be hidden and I choose to view the content or just keep scrolling.

If a blog flagged for NSFW shows on a dashboard that’s chosen not to view NSFW content… it could simply be blocked like the savior block above and unclickable, hiding the content from the viewer. If a blog has chosen to show NSFW content it could be clickable or simply fully viewed as a normal post.

I think this is a better alternative to simply making portions of your community disappear because they want their users to know they post nsfw and adult content from time to time.
The choice to ‘hide’ all the nsfw tagged blogs is an answer to an issue that you have with the content on your site… I just feel that it is a very poorly chosen option that makes many members of the community feel there is no point to being on your site if they are branded invisible. Many fear that in the near future tumblr will disallow and remove all this content entirely.

We don’t want that. We LOVE Tumblr! We want to stay! We also want to share our content with the world - silly, fun, fluffy, thoughtful, nsfw or otherwise - and feel that Tumblr is the best place for us to do that.

We want to choose what we see and don’t see in more ways than just by choosing who we follow. We want to be the ones to make that choice rather than have it taken from us.

I hope that you take some consideration to what I’ve said and actually choose to listen to more of your users on this topic.

thank you for your time