Using nothing but soap and a macro lens, Janet Waters photographs mesmerizing patterns on colored backdrops.

But she hasn’t stopped there, she’s using her Flickr to create a “visual library” for all of her University students. Packed with experimental photo projects galore, her stream is well worth a look. 

Macro Photography Series of Colorful Bubbles and Foam

via Zeutch 

Bubbles are funny things. And they do especially funny things in threes.

When they roll solo, their natural tendency is to form a sphere. But it turns out that when bubbles are squished together, they prefer to be in trios. When three bubbles come together, they are snug as bugs in rugs.

Take a 360˚ round bubble and divide it into threes. What do you get? You get three 120˚ angles. Now look at those pictures up there again …

Most of those intersections are pretty close to 120˚!! Check out this image from Robert Krulwich:

(Source: photojojo, via thedivinemissema)